Open Source

We believe knowledge should be a thing that everyone can access. Thus, we are honored to welcome many FIRSTers in our Open Source section. In this section you can find various sources that can help you to learn new things or improve yourself. Please use this sources as much as you like.

As many of you know, Chairman’s Award is the most prestigious award in FRC. Here are the some of our winner essays:

Further award related sources:

In order to share our coding experiences with others we opened a github account. Press the button to access our coding sources:

You can find some of the documents related to our sustainable projects:

As 4th Dimension, decided to publish a monthly magazine in order to spread the work and achievements in areas such as STEAM and sports to in the community. With our magazine called IMPACT, we want to inspire our readers by featuring intriguing works of people from various age groups in different fields.