What is FIRST?

The FIRST Foundation, which stands for “Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology”, was founded in 1989 by a successful American engineer, inventor and entrepreneur Dean Kamen to inspire and encourage young people in science and technology. The foundation aims to lay the foundations of STEM education from an early age by organizing a global different STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) activities according to the age groups of children and young people.

What is FRC?

FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition), which is the most comprehensive of the competitions organized by FIRST, is a robotics competition that combines the rigor and challenge of science and technology with the excitement of sports (also defined by high school students as “the hardest entertainment you can encounter”). They need to find support and create a “brand” unique to them. Teams also throw balls into the basket, throw discs, etc. in the six-week process for robot construction, program an industrial robot and a suitable software. These robots aim to perform tasks in the competition area, approximately the size of a basketball court.

Our Mission:

Essential mission of 4D is to empower next generations without any gender discrimination through the opportunities that provided by FIRST and STEAM. Since we believe that equality in opportunity lays the groundwork for a sustainable future, we reshape the reality to build a world that is free from any prejudices regarding ages, genders, cultural and economic backgrounds while having core values like: Durability-Dedication-Development-Sustainment-Transparency -Discovery-Innovation-Impact-Inclusion-Teamwork-Fun.