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Our 2022 Championship Chairman’s Award Finalist Video

Hello ! We are 4th Dimension, the first FRC team in the Aegean Region, which consists of 34 high school students

Who Are We?

We are Team 6429, 4th Dimension, from Izmir Bahcesehir High School for Science and Technology. For 6 years, we have been competing in FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), an international competition where teams need to go beyond the ordinary. Having the motto “More Than Robots”, FIRST encourages us to take actions to improve our community. As the first FRC team in Aegean Region we are proud to be a part of this amazing competition.

Izmir FRC 2021 Off-Season

After organizing the first ever fully online Off Season event which was 2020 İzmir FRC Pre-Season we turned to one of our bigger dreams and organized İzmir FRC 2021 Off-Season at Fuar İzmir on 17-18-19 December 2021 with the partnership of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality – İZELMAN A.Ş. “Off-Season” which was one of the plans we wanted to carry through the most since the day we were established became an fantastic preparation opportunity before the new season for teams throughout Turkey. İzmir FRC 2021 Off-Season which had more than 300 participants from 26 teams from 5 different cities of Turkey and more than a thousand visitors also became the first ever FRC event in İzmir. Coming back to FRC with a face-to-face event after the online period became a marvelous source of motivation for us as well.

2020 FRC Izmir Pre-Season

The 2020 FRC Izmir Pre-Season event is the first completely online and free event in the world which was held by FRC Team 6429 4th Dimension on 21-22 November 2020, with the participation of 31 teams from 6 countries. Since the FRC events were canceled due to the pandemic last season and at the time there was a possibility that the new season will be online, we decided to organize this event in order to show that an online season can be held and to prove that FRC is a very powerful STEM event with the motto “more than robots”.

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